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Airplane Engine

Discussion with Dr. Odland via phone

Receipt of pre-appointment informational packet and history questionnaire.

Testing can take between 5 to 8 hours, including brief breaks and a longer provided lunch break provided. Evaluation can be significantly briefer depending upon the required testing protocol. 

Discussion and interview with Dr. Odland before testing. Interview is designed to better understand your history and relevant factors specific to your case. This often involves review of topics including social, neurological/medical, psychological, and cognitive symptom histories. 

Cognitive testing of abilities essential for pilots and air traffic controllers. This often includes administration of the CogScreen-AE2, a computer-based cognitive assessment, as well as other cognitive and psychological tests and measures.

A urine drug screen is required within 24-hours after completion of testing if you are being seen due to a history of attention related difficulties (ADHD/ADD) or have been prescribed a stimulant medication in the past. 

Evaluation report will be completed after completion of required interview, record review, interview, and testing. This report is then submitted either directly to your Aeromedical Examiner (AME) or to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) depending upon your specific situation.




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